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 Prof. Dr. Gadhia


Dr. Pan kaj K. Gadhia

Dr. Pan kaj K. Gadhia is presently working as a Professor in the Department of Biosciences, South Gujarat University, Surat

Curriculum Vitae


Sister chromatid exchange ( SCE ) frequencies and cell cycle replicative index in mobile users (pdf, 7kB)

Hematological parameters of controls and mobile users (Pooled from 24individuals) (pdf, 6kB)

Details of mobile phone users and nonusers with occupation and smoking habits (pdf, 7kB)

Chromosoaml aber rations recorded in cultured lyphocyte s of mobile users (pdf, 9kB)

AN OVA analysis for CAs and SCEs (pdf, 6kB)

A preliminary study to assess possible chromosomal damage (pdf, 47kB)