Visible Light Communication

by Bob, Sunday, October 17, 2010, 01:10 (2778 days ago)

Embedded within the visible light generated by LED (Light Emitting Diode) lamps are modulating light signals that communicate with other lamps and equipment that possess the same technology at ultra-high speeds. These devices when placed throughout a building or geographic area form a comprehensive wireless communication network capable of providing many services including energy savings, communications and security functions.

Most wireless communications today are produced from radio waves generated from electronic equipment. “WI-FI”, “3G Networks” and “Bluetooth” are examples of this applied technology. They each have limitations in data transmission speeds.

On the other hand, it has long been established that light is an extraordinary carrier of digital information. The fastest networks today are equipped with fiber optic cabling and equipment. The next generation of wireless networks will use light as its communication medium because of these superior attributes. Our patented technology uses solid state LEDs (in the form of building and street lighting) to communicate wirelessly at fiber optic speeds while at the same time provide general illumination within buildings and throughout geographic areas. LEDs are recognized as the future in green lighting because they are extremely energy efficient and contain no hazardous mercury materials as fluorescent lamps do. Our approach is to replace old technology lighting that uses heat to generate light with more efficient LEDs that use semiconducting materials to produce cool light. LEDs have no filimants.

The LVX system network is capable of transmitting and receiving data of all types: Internet access, HDTV broadcasts, standard video, cell phones, regular phones, radio programming, building control management and power line management.

By replacing or retrofitting existing lighting fixtures and electronic devices with LVX technology we will construct the nation’s next generation wireless communication network that will transform our every day experiences.

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