*  Most music, I’ve been told, is based on the note  “ C ”. Is it possible the musical scale can be traced to the Schumann Resonance?


*  Did ancient men and women have a first-hand knowledge of these vibrations? The Chakras and their respective musical notes?


*  Research in Flagstaff brought me in contact with a gentleman from the Navajo Nation. He asked if I had yet experienced Sedona --- that is “ where the Earth speaks! “


*  The monitoring of Schumann Resonance on a continuous basis would make it possible to keep an eye on global warming by observing any change in the Resonances.


*  If you have the opportunity --- remove yourself from the mainstream. Spend a bit of time in Sedona’s outback. Sit on top of a magnetic outflow, while the first Schumann Resonance promotes a state of Alpha / Theta. An experience you will never forget!  

          Speaking from experience …  

      Benjamin Lonetree



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