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Vortex energy is actually Geomagnetic in origin but its affect on Human and animal Biophysical Mechanisms is quite amazing. I should also note some speculate there are other components to Vortex energy but I have restricted my research to Geomagnetic activity. Another location has been found near Sedona where one can actually feel an energy emit from the ground. This has been experienced by myself as well as tourists I meet at the area. A near future field trip is planned with both Schumann Resonance and Geomagnetic sensing equipment to this location. Scientifically we will hopefully explain what this latest discovery is.

I will update this online book as data is collected. Until then enjoy what you are about to read!


Benjamin Lonetree


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Temporarily though the book is unavailable until the third edition is printed. More collected data needs to be added. Your patience is appreciated. I will post to this site when the latest addition is available.



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