A press release in the USA unravels the Phonegate scandal

by Diarlen Leon, Wednesday, June 07, 2017, 17:30 (550 days ago)

Information saturday 3 june 2017

Dear Friends,

Fundamental informations were released in France, this week, about cellphones radiations.
Thanks to Devra Davis, a report on this unravelling scandal, was published on EHtrust website (The press release of EHtrust).

Feel free to share any information dealing with health risks and cellphones radiations.
The more information we learn, the easier it becomes to pressure public authorites and gain users protections.

Best regards from Paris,

Our last Press release in English

Les médias en parlent

De nombreux articles et interviews ont permis de relayer les informations sur le #Phonegate. Vous en trouverez une sélection sur le blog de Marc Arazi en cliquant ici

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